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What Is Customer Training? 6 Benefits Customer Training Software Can Bring To Your Profit Margin


What Is Customer Training? 6 Benefits Customer Training Software Can Bring To Your Profit Margin

What is customer training, exactly? Simply put, it’s a segment of extended enterprise. Usually, this term refers to temps, distributors, partners, and non-employee vendors. It covers anyone that isn’t on your payroll but is somehow connected to the sale, purchase, or use of your product. So yes, it covers customers. And while the customer is always right, sometimes they need a little help to make the right choice. You might need to guide them as they get familiar with your products, services, and brand image. You can teach them using customer training software. But why should you?

1. Skips The Awkward Phase

People sometimes have a hard time asking for help. They’d rather keep an unopened jar in the closet for years than admit they couldn’t break its child-proof seal. Knowing that they have customer training resources that are easily accessible skips the “awkward phase” and advances them through the buyer’s journey more rapidly. Customers know that product demos, tutorials, and other helpful resources are at their fingertips, prompting them to purchase even if they are still unsure about the specs or instructions.

2. Brings In Repeat Business

Customer training software increases repeat business because consumers have the support they need to extend the value of your products. For example, they can view online guides or watch demo videos to see how to maintain the item. Thus, they’re more likely to keep coming back to your brand when they’re in need of an upgrade or tie-in. A single customer training resource might be an investment of both time and money. However, every online consumer can access it time and again, which means that it has a virtually limitless reach. It’s the gift that keeps on giving for both the consumer and your bottom line.

3. Helps Them Maximize Product Functionality

When the Wozniaks and Gateses of the world were building their first computers, they assembled them from scavenged parts. Before that, a computer filled an entire room. It could now fit on your desktop. Decades later, it’s even smaller and can sit snug in your pocket (though they’re starting to get bigger again). And once regular people started buying Macs and PCs, the techies tended to get frustrated. Too many ordinary buyers were investing in machines that could launch rockets and then using them to type Word documents. These machines were vastly underutilized. The same happens with your products. Customers barely skim the surface because they don’t know what else it can do. Your training software can help them maximize functionality and increase the value of ownership. For example, they now know that your app isn’t just for scheduling but for managing their time and budgeting.

4. Cuts Customer Support Costs

There have been lots of instances where someone called tech support with a genuine complaint or request. Maybe they were upset their software wouldn’t let them convert files, or they wanted something that could synch with their phones. They might call for advice on a software accessory that can back up their data to the cloud or help them cast their phone to their TV. Customer training resolves all these, which means fewer calls to tech support and less time spent on issues customers can fix on their own. You could then divert that tech-support-spend elsewhere.

5. Sets Up The Up-Sell

Only super-users will reap the full benefit of your upgrade. Ordinary customers might buy the latest version of a product just because it’s new and shiny. But for users of more practical items – like eLearning tools, they won’t fix something that isn’t broken. Still, if you’ve trained them well and they know everything your product or service can do, they’ll be excited about the new capacity. Your customer training LMS also offers them the chance to get a sneak peek at your latest products before it hits shelves, which gives them a sense of exclusivity. They will buy eagerly and tell others about your newest launch. They’ll even help you onboard new buyers that they know by showing them how to access your customer training resources. All good news for your bottom line.

6. Improves Consumer Loyalty

A crucial component of customer training is building trust and respect among your consumer base. Customers appreciate that your organization goes the extra mile to educate their base. Something as seemingly mundane as a tutorial or interactive manual has the power to boost brand loyalty. They’re likelier to stick with your products or services than competitors since you’ve given them personalized resources to help them extend the life of their product and maximize the ownership benefits. They’ll also send their friends, family, and online network your way, thanks to the fact that they can also reap the rewards of your customer training software.


Teaching your customers how to use your product is a relatively basic concept; it’s the idea behind every in-store demo in the world. But what are its advantages, specifically in the realm of online learning? It gets them more comfortable with the product, so they’ll like it – and you – more. They’ll make full use of the products and understand the necessity of your add-ons and upgrades. It keeps them coming back and makes them more likely to recommend you. It cuts costs, boosts sales, and improves customer experience, which is all good for business.

Which customer training LMS is right for your organization? Use our free online directory to choose the best system for your bottom line. You can view ratings and reviews, as well as check out the tool’s features, pricing options, and support services.


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