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Teacher Appreciation Week Breakfast Ideas With Walmart+


When I was in the classroom, one of my favorite parts of Teacher Appreciation Week was the daily breakfast choices. Our Parent Teacher Association and administrators worked together to give us red-carpet treatment each morning. I mean, they literally laid out red butcher paper to walk on as we came to get our food. Now that I am a parent of two school-aged children, it’s my turn to shower teachers with some delicious breakfast choices during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Walmart made it really easy for me to gather everything I needed to create breakfast offerings each day of Teacher Appreciation Week. Using Walmart+, I quickly went into Walmart and scanned all of my items on my phone, checked out without having to wait in line, and saved money in the process. I also ordered online (because I forgot to grab the cream cheese) with Walmart+ and had free delivery. (Did you know that this week, teachers can get 25% off their Walmart+ annual subscription?)

Here’s everything I gathered for the week that helped me create daily breakfast options to spoil my children’s teachers in appreciation.

Cereal bar for a midmorning pick-me-up

I got the single-serve cups of cereal in as many flavors as I could find (think: Cheerios, Pops, Lucky Charms, Apple Jacks, and Frosted Flakes). I also got some regular, almond, and coconut milk to give teachers different options and set it all up on a table with spoons and napkins. It’s the perfect midmorning snack.

Bagel and cream cheese station

From everything to blueberry to original, I made sure I had an array of bagel options. The cream cheese flavors are also endless (plain, strawberry, garden vegetable, etc.). I was able to create a great little bagel bar for teachers with tons of choices (because we all know everyone has their favorites). Don’t forget to buy the pre-sliced kind and make sure you have plenty of plastic knives for spreading and easy cleanup. If you can bring in a toaster (or find one in the staff room), all the better!

Juice and muffins for the win!

The bakery at Walmart has some delicious muffins. They come in packs of four and in a variety of flavors (cranberry orange, triple chocolate, strawberry … yum!). I bought a few different flavors, along with some juice options (you can’t go wrong with apple and orange, but I also like to include lemonade, fruit punch, or cranberry).

A classic pairing: coffee and donuts

Most staff lounges have a coffee machine, and most likely it’s a Keurig. Our school has a couple of Keurigs, and many teachers have them in their classrooms. Because of that, I grabbed some K-Cups as well as mini donuts and donut holes.

You could do one of these each day of the week. Personally, I took everything and laid it out for teachers as a breakfast buffet so they could choose from anything they wanted.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the special Walmart+ annual membership deal just for teachers!

*Disclaimer: See Walmart+ Terms & Conditions.


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