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Meta Unveils $499 Quest 3 Ahead of Apple’s VR Headset News


Apple’s expected VR/AR headset reveal looks like it’s right around the corner, but Meta has leaped ahead with headset news of its own. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram channel revealed a lot more about the Quest 3, which had been expected by the end of this year. The price, starting at $499, will be more than that of the Quest 2, but less than that of the PlayStation VR 2. Zuckerberg said on his channel that more details on the Quest 3 and the launch date will happen around Meta’s Connect developer conference on Sept. 27.

A follow-up to 2019’s Quest 2, the current most popular headset on the market, the Quest 3 was already known to exist since last fall. A number of details, including a hands-on test drive of a prototype version, had leaked before Zuckerberg’s news drop today.

The Quest 3’s biggest new additions are color cameras that allow for better mixed reality that blends video from the real world with VR on the headset’s displays, along with a new Qualcomm VR/AR chip that promises speedier performance. The headset is also significantly smaller and lighter, and has redesigned game controllers. The hardware will work with the existing Quest 2 app library, but looks to lean on more mixed reality features.

The Quest 3 doesn’t have eye tracking like the far more expensive, work-targeted Quest Pro that debuted last fall, but it also looks to be a better VR headset overall. Along with a lineup of new VR games being announced today, Meta’s clearly aiming at continuing to own the VR game console market as Apple possibly readies a very different route with its expensive and possibly work-focused headset.


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