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“Retaining teachers has a lot to do with self-worth and accomplishment. Educators have the innate ability to help and support others, and knowing they are accomplishing that goal is a long-lasting sense of joy. A quick compliment or small note on their classroom door can make all the difference.

Administration walkthroughs and observations are a part of the job in education, however they create anxiety and self-doubt as teachers await to hear what they have done wrong, or what they need to improve upon. Instead, make these opportunities for teachers to be acknowledged for what is being done well in the classroom. Instead of “I gotcha”, make it “I get ya, I like what you are doing here.” and provide positive, constructive feedback so they continue what they are doing well.

Provide opportunities for educators to share their success with the rest of the staff during staff meetings and professional development. Let the teachers support and encourage one another by building a community of educators that want to learn, share, and connect with each other.

What has made the biggest impact as an educator was knowing that I was not alone; I was a part of a community of like-minded individuals that supported and encouraged each other. The Discovery Educator Network (DEN) gave me that community. The DEN has been a life changing experience for me as a person and as an educator. Educators loosely use the term PLC in their schools. A true PLC is built with people you can rely on and who support and assist you. That is who the DEN is to me. School leaders who create the same sense of community for staff, students, and parents have buy-in from everyone and truly generate a place where everyone involved wants to learn.”


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