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ARM registers for US initial public offering | Engadget


ARM has registered for a US stock market listing. In a published Saturday, the mobile chip company said it recently confidentially submitted a draft F-1 form to the Securities and Exchange Commission. According to , ARM hopes to raise between $8 billion and $10 billion dollars when it holds the initial public offering later this year, though over the weekend the company said it had yet to determine the size and price range of the proposed IPO.

ARM has been eyeing a public listing ever since NVIDIA’s to buy the chip maker at the start of last year due to regulatory resistance from the and other antitrust watchdogs. In March, SoftBank said it would list ARM on the US stock market after for a London listing from the United Kingdom government. ARM designs the processor components used in almost every mobile device, including models from Apple and Samsung. Its licensing model means nearly every tech company depends on ARM designs. According to a recent , the company recently began work on a prototype chip that is “more advanced” than any semiconductor produced in the past.


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