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What Students Are Saying About A.I.-Generated Music


A.I. can only copy, not create, and therefore should not be treated as the future of music. While I would listen to a good lo-fi tune, I would never, ever, consider A.I.-music as “real” music. Music is abstract and deep in meaning, and A.I.-generated songs discredit it.

Natalie, CA

I would 100% listen to a song if I knew if it was sung by a machine. I already have, through social media platforms, such as TikTok. I think it is insane how A.I. can replicate voices, and have them sing distinct notes, phrases, and rhythms to fit other songs. And it sounds believable too!

Sofia G., Valley Stream North

Honestly, I think I would still listen to music if it was sung by a machine, because I don’t really care who the song is written by as long as it sounds good. As of now, I don’t even pay attention to who sings some songs when I’m listening to them … I think after reading this article, I’m partly afraid yet also excited, because I would love to see what A.I. can come up with next.

Sarah, Marlborough School

I’ve seen a few TikTok’s of people using A.I. to make it sound like artists like Kanye West or Olivia Rodrigo are singing Taylor Swift songs. I listened to them for fun and I find it very fascinating how A.I. is able to recreate these artists’ voices and make it so accurate. However, I don’t think that listening to a song purely made from A.I. would have the same meaning to me.

Mia, Valley Stream

Honestly I would definitely listen to music made by A.I. because if I think it sounds good, and I like it, more than likely I will listen to it. I think the rapper whose vocals are impersonated should get an incentive for that, but I think that A.I. has been used for so long behind our backs, and now that it’s slowly getting crazier and crazier, it’s going to be the new norm.

Abram, Atrisco Heritage Academy

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