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West Virginia panel concerned about the finances of Alderson Broaddus


The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission this month granted reauthorization for every private college in the state to continue to operate and award degrees, except for one: Alderson Broaddus University, MetroNews reported.

The commission delayed a decision on Alderson Broaddus because of concerns about the university’s finances, said Sarah Armstrong-Tucker, chancellor of the commission. The commission requested additional information about Alderson Broaddus.

Enrollment at the college is down to about 500 undergraduate and 170 graduate students.

The university declined to answer specific questions about enrollment or finances.

But it released this statement: “In the general higher education landscape, enrollment numbers have been in decline at most colleges and universities. With a smaller pool of traditional college-aged students, the effects of the pandemic, and an emphasis on technical education, enrollments at four-year institutions have dropped. All colleges and universities, especially private institutions, have been impacted over the last several years.”


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