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We Fixed These 9 Inaccurate Education Headlines


I get frustrated looking at news headlines related to education.

While I understand that headlines have to be to-the-point, I often feel like they either distort or distract from the real issues at play.

Take this Fox News report out of Indiana:

What? No.

The teacher shortage is not some act of nature outside our control, like droughts or corn fungus. In reality, it’s a very appropriate consequence for public leadership ignoring teachers. I’d write this headline:

“Fallout Worsens for Indiana’s Refusal to Improve Conditions for Teachers”

Are my headlines too long for newspapers? Yes. Are they biased? Yes, obviously. But are they accurate? Also yes.

Here are some others that could use my help.

1. “Teachers in El Paso Are 2% Thrilled About Getting Thrown Scraps”

Ten bucks says the raise also comes with a change to a more expensive healthcare plan with less coverage. El Paso ISD still offers the lowest starting salary in the region.

Inaccurate education headline

2. “District Does Absolutely Nothing About Hate Crimes Against Teachers”

I don’t know if restorative justice circles are going to cut it with a kid who writes this apology note. Inaccurate education headline

3. “Florida Finds Yet Another Way to Avoid Paying Teachers a Living Wage”

Instead of this, could you just pay them more?

Inaccurate education headline

4. “No One On Killeen School Board Has Ever Been Or Known a Teacher”

What do you think we’re doing? Playing Tetris?

Inaccurate education headline

5. “Florida Doing the Most to Avoid Actually Listening to Teachers”

Maybe instead of making it easier to become a teacher you should focus on making it easier to remain a teacher.

Inaccurate education headline

6. “Pennsylvania DOE Creating Paraprofessional Deficit in Attempt to Address Special Ed Teacher Deficit”

Who’s going to tell them?

Inaccurate education headline

7. “Fairfax County Finally Admits Technology Department Is Headed By Disney Villain”

“Teachers received an email appearing to be from the school system and offering ‘gift cards to our employees as a thank you for another successful school year.’” Tell me you hate teachers without telling me you hate teachers.

Inaccurate education headline

8. “Teacher Earns Completely Appropriate Consequence for Putting Politics Above Trans Students’ Humanity”

Something tells me Moms for Liberty won’t come after him for “bringing politics into the classroom.”

Inaccurate education headline

9. “Public School Teachers in Houston Don’t Make Enough to Support a Family Let Alone Build Generational Wealth”

Do I condone squatting? No. But I also don’t condone paying teachers in Texas a salary that puts a family of four near the poverty line.

Inaccurate education headline

Listen. I’m not actually putting the writers of these articles on blast. Most of the headlines are doing exactly what they’re supposed to: summarizing a story. I just think there are other stories in each of these articles we should be paying attention to, too.

What headlines would you rewrite? Let us know in the comments!

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