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WatchOS 10 for Apple Watch: Cyclists, Hikers, Golfers and Tennis Players Will Love the Newest Watch Upgrade


WWDC 2023’s keynote on Monday introduced the latest Apple Watch software update, WatchOS 10. The update brings improvements to many favorite features of the watch including its fitness capabilities. You’ll be able to track daily movement in a more detailed and seamless manner using the activity app on your Apple Watch as well as the fitness app on your iPhone. 

Cyclists will find the update particularly useful because it can detect falls, calorimetry for e-biking, workout reminders, as well the speed, cadence and power zones of their workout. Runners already have access to the power zones feature, which reads your heart rate during a workout. The power meter has the ability to measure your Functional Threshold Power, or the highest level of intensity that a rider could maintain for an hour of cycling.

Using this data, the Apple Watch calculates your personalized Power Zones, which tells you the current zone you’re in and how much time you’ve spent in it. This could be a useful feature for triathletes and cyclists who are training for races and want an effective way to measure and improve their performance. 

Additionally, cycling workouts will automatically show up as live activity on your iPhone turning it into its own display screen. This makes it easy to mount on your bike and view more advanced metrics such as elevation, race route and heart rate zones while remaining hands free. If you have indoor or outdoor cycling accessories like power meters, cadence sensors or speed sensors that are Bluetooth enabled, WatchOS 10 will allow you to connect with them. This gives you more data at your fingertips like cycling power, cadence, power zones and more. 

Other athletes who can get in on the fun of the new WatchOS 10 update are golfers and tennis players. The software includes motion sensors on the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra that can read changes in velocity and acceleration when you’re swinging a tennis racket or a golf club. If you’re a tennis player, the motion sensor will be able to read the pronation of your wrist as well. The software will be able to sync up with coaching apps like Training Peaks to create custom workouts and a more integrated experience. 

apple watch displaying photos of mountain

Hiking is made safer and easier with the Apple WatchOS 10 software update.

Apple/Screenshot by James Martin/CNET

Hikers will also have some safety and navigating perks through the WatchOS 10 update. The Compass app will include a feature that estimates the last location you were in with cellular reception in case you’re in an emergency. For those looking to navigate a hike or prepare routes, the software update includes a detailed elevation view using altimeter information. US users will have an additional feature through Apple Maps, which will make hiking easier since the app will have a new topographic map that includes everything from elevation details and points of interest to different trail difficulties, lengths and types.

WatchOS 10 will be available this fall with compatible watches such as the Apple Watch Series 4 or later. 


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