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Watch Devolver Digital’s Summer Game Fest stream here at 6PM ET | Engadget


Perhaps you feel that the and Day of the Devs events didn’t include quite enough gaming news for one day. In that case, you’re in luck, as Devolver Digital is rounding off the day’s festivities with its own showcase.

You’ll be able to watch the latest Devolver Direct below at 6PM ET. It’s taking place on the same stream as the Summer Game Fest Live and Day of the Devs showcases, so you can scrub through the YouTube video timeline for even more announcements and trailers.

You can expect Devolver to get up to its usual offbeat antics in what’s reliably one of the most entertaining events around this time of year. For this edition, Devolver is You know, the publisher’s long-standing mascot? The mouse-like creature with an oversized arm? The star of games such as Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, Gris and Cult of the Lamb? Anyone? Despite Devolver’s assertions that Volvy has been a cultural icon for over 30 years, the critter isn’t actually real. Or maybe we’ve collectively erased him from our memories due to his various misdeeds. You know what you did, Volvy.

Anyway, Devolver has a heap of intriguing games in the pipeline and we should learn more about some of them during the stream. I have my fingers crossed for an update on Skate Story, which has been one of my most anticipated games since Devolver dropped . Other upcoming games we may learn more about include Gunbrella (in which you have a firearm that’s also an umbrella), Gris follow-up , the striking action adventure title  and . The publisher is also promising new game announcements, while there on the front.

We’ll be bringing you news, previews and hands-on impressions from all the in Los Angeles over the next several days. There’s plenty more to come, including showcases from the likes of Xbox, Ubisoft and Capcom. Stay tuned to Engadget for all the latest.

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