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VW’s next Tiguan PHEV can drive 62 miles in electric-only mode | Engadget


Volkswagen’s next plug-in hybrid (PHEV) may be particularly appealing if you’re determined to avoid using the gas engine whenever possible. The automaker has shared the first details of its next-gen Tiguan SUV, and the PHEV model will manage up to 62 miles of all-electric range. That’s about twice the range of the existing Tiguan eHybrid, and makes the 37.5 miles of Toyota’s Prius Prime seem modest. You might only need to rely on combustion power for long-distance trips.

The jump to a new MQB evo platform (and thus new electric motors) is partly credited for the extended PHEV range. It also allows for an electronically-controlled suspension that promises better handling and more comfort, and enables both faster AC charging on the plug-in model as well as DC charging. It’s now more practical to charge the Tiguan overnight or at a rest stop, in other words.

2024 VW Tiguan interior


VW has also revamped the in-cabin technology. The infotainment system now uses up to a 15-inch screen, and there’s a digital instrument cluster with rotary-based control. There’s even a nod to ID-series EVs with a switch on the steering column to change drive modes. The new Tiguan will only be available with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The updated Tiguan will officially debut in the fall, with models reaching dealerships in 2024. We wouldn’t count on a North American release of the PHEV edition when it hasn’t been available in the region so far. However, VW’s effort hints at the direction of hybrids for the industry at large. The electric-only range is now good enough to cover a wide range of driving scenarios, and may be enticing if you’re not quite ready to buy a pure EV.


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