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Uno Synth Pro X offers high-end sound design in a portable package | Engadget


IK Multimedia is back with a refresh for its the Uno Synth Pro X. Just like the original, this is a three-oscillator paraphonic instrument with plenty of bells and whistles, but with some new features to set it apart. The Pro X features an entirely new layout and a unique sound engine. It also ships with some new effects, including true analog overdrive, shimmer reverb and a vibrato/chorus based on the

All told, there are over ten “studio-quality” effects and you can stack them for unique sound design options, via three modulation slots. The dual-filter design and three-oscillator sound engine allows for plenty of sonic possibilities, and there’s 256 preset slots to save your creations. Additionally, the Pro X boasts a 64-step paraphonic sequencer, with step and real-time recording options, and a 10-mode arpeggiator with a pattern designer. This arpeggiator allows for your typical legato, mono and paraphonic modes, but even includes a brand-new bassline mode.

One big change over the original Synth Pro is that this version is extremely light, weighing less than a kilogram, and intended for portable use. This is fantastic news for those who like fiddling with synthesizers on airplanes or in the bathroom, but it comes with a cost. There’s no actual keybed here, so you have to use the integrated multi-function buttons or plug it into a MIDI keyboard. There are many more hands-on control options available, however, when compared to the OG model. 

On the topic of connectivity, the Synth Pro X offers much to be excited about. There’s USB-C, 5-pin DIN MIDI, balanced stereo outputs and a dedicated stereo headphone out. These connections make it easy to integrate with other synthesizers, effects processors, DAWs and just about anything else. Once plugged into a computer, the expanded sound editor opens up in your DAW of choice for further adjustments.

IK Multimedia’s Synth Pro X can be powered via USB-C or the included standard PSU. You can order one right now for $500.

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