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University and commission partner on gender violence research


Anew commission led by NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent and Tommi Vincent, chair of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, will partner with Niagara University to study young men’s perspectives on gender-based violence, the university announced Wednesday.

The research will be conducted over 18 months. Based on the results, the Vincent Commission will “offer a new model for higher education institutions on the prevention of gender-based violence and bring awareness to bystander intervention,” according to the press release.

“I want to commend and congratulate Troy and Tommi Vincent on the Vincent Commission and their continued commitment to finding solutions to address gender-based violence,” said Niagara University president James J. Maher. “Their leadership and dedication to this work aligns with our mutual values and the missions of both the Vincent Commission and Niagara University. We hope that this partnership will forge a path for innovation and change to provide institutes of higher education with new approaches to better address gender-based violence and assault on our campuses across the United States.”


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