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Uber Will Let You Share a Ride (and Get a Discount) in More Cities


Uber is expanding its more affordable option that let’s you share a ride with other people headed in the same direction. In a blog post on Wednesday, the ride-hailing company said UberX Share will be available in Baltimore, Miami, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Nashville, Tennessee, in the coming weeks. Uber said it plans to launch the option in even more cities soon.

If you choose the UberX Share ride option, you’ll get an upfront discount and could save up to 20% off the total fare if matched with another rider, the company said. Uber said the option is designed to prevent delays, noting that, “on average, riders arrive no more than 8 minutes later than an UberX ride.”

UberX Share is already available in a dozen cities across the US and Canada. It’s also available in more than 20 international cities, including Sydney, Buenos Aires and Paris.

In addition to saving you money, Uber said, expanding its shared ride option aligns with its goal to encourage fewer cars on the road. The company has pledged to become a zero-emissions platform globally by 2040. 

“By helping to match more people in fewer cars faster, we can help cut gas use, vehicle-miles and emissions per passenger, and make transportation more affordable,” wrote Shin-Pei Tsay, Uber’s head of cities and transportation policy, in the post.

How to book a ride with UberX Share

If you’re in a city where UberX Share is available, you can book the more affordable option through the Uber app. Just open the app, enter your destination and scroll down to UberX Share. 

Uber will try to find other people headed in a similar direction, and you’ll get additional savings if matched with another rider. Depending on everyone’s destinations, you could get dropped off second even if you were the first to get picked up. 

Once you’re dropped off, you pay and tip (if you want) through the Uber app.

You can only use the UberX Share option if you’re requesting a single seat. Groups of two or more will have to stick with UberX or Uber XL. 


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