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U of Houston to spend $38M on building safeguards following suicides


The University of Houston announced it will spend $38 million on new safety measures at Agnes Arnold Hall, a campus building closed since March following two student deaths by suicide in a matter of six weeks.

University president Renu Khator shared the plans for building renovations and student mental health services, recommended by two separate task forces, with faculty and staff via email Tuesday, Houston Public Media reported.

Initial safety measures will include temporary screens to cover the building’s open-air stairwells, top-floor balconies and sky bridges to a neighboring building. The university plans to reopen the building for the upcoming fall semester and complete the remaining phases of the project over the next four years.

Khator also promised to increase student mental health services. The university will also launch a campaign to double student use of existing services and hire a new vendor to provide 24-hour student mental health care, according to The Houston Chronicle.


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