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Twitter’s official handle is now @X | Engadget


Twitter has changed its official handle from @Twitter to @X, as Engadget’s intrepid reporter Kris Holt noticed (“Oof,” he observed). If you attempt to access @Twitter, it now states: “This account is no longer active. Follow @X for updates.” All past @Twitter tweets, (or X’s, or whatever they’re now called), are henceforth available in the @X account. 

That’s not all. The Twitter Blue subscription service is now called @XBlue (Blue subscription) in the main description page. That means the majority of X née Twitter’s handles have dumped the Twitter name or replaced it with X. For instance, @TwitterSupport, @TwitterDev and @TwitterAPI are now @Support, @Xdevelopers, and @API

Twitter didn’t possess the @X handle yesterday, as it was in the hands of a user named Gene X Hwang, from a photography/video studio called Orange Photography, as Techcrunch reported. That changed as of today, though, and Hwang tweeted from a new handle “all’s well that ends well,” so hopefully he was compensated in some way for relinquishing the name. 

X has been working hard to remove all vestiges of Twitter branding, including partially taking down the Twitter sign at its San Francisco HQ before police intervened to due a lack of a permit. Twitter may still have to deal with IP issues, since Microsoft has owned an Xbox related X trademark for 20 years and Meta owns another trademark covering the letter X. 


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