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Twitch removes Mature Content mode in favor of Content Classification Labels | Engadget


Twitch has overhauled its mature content policies, switching from a general toggle to specific categories describing what viewers can expect. The new Content Classification Labels are mature-rated games, sexual themes, significant profanity or vulgarity, gambling, violent and graphic depictions and, lastly, drugs, intoxication or excessive tobacco use.

The ratings apply to both the game and you. For example, if you’re playing a mature-rated game, Twitch will automatically label it as such. But, if you’re playing an E-rated game and excessively swearing, you will need to mark your stream as having significant profanity or vulgarity. In general, it’s pretty obvious when to use a label based on their names, but Twitch’s Content Classification Guidelines break down when to use each one in incredible detail (from pose examples to categorizing swear words). The rules around what’s not allowed on streams have stayed the same.¬†

You can access Content Classification Labels in the Stream Manager’s “Edit Stream Info” section below the language control. A pull-down menu will show the six options with a short description following each. All you need to do is click whichever applies to your current stream and, if it changes, add or remove them as you go.¬†

A pull down shows different labels to choose for the Twitch stream.


Keep in mind that whatever labels remain checked when you end a stream will be automatically applied to your next one unless you unclick them. You can report users to Twitch (and vice versa) for not including required labels, and if Twitch agrees, they will issue a warning.

While these new Content Classification Labels are already available to use, Twitch is giving everyone an adjustment period of sorts. You can still get warnings, but Twitch will only start tallying them after July 20. At that point, “repeated warnings” will likely still not get you suspended with Twitch, instead opting to lock certain classifications onto your account for a set amount of days or weeks.


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