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Toyota claims its future EVs will have a range over 600 miles | Engadget


The distance EVs can go on a single charge has steadily increased over the years, with top options from the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Tesla all touting an estimated range of over 350 miles. Now, Toyota, a long-time hybrid maker (who can forget when having a Prius was the marker of being environmentally conscious?) is among the car manufacturers pushing toward even longer-lasting charges for EVs. In an announcement of new technology, Toyota very boldly claims “will change the future of cars,” the Japanese company shared its plan for future cars to reach a range of 1,000 km (~621 miles).

According to Toyota, it will achieve this goal through the “integration of next-generation batteries and sonic technology” and plans to launch a full EV lineup by 2026. It already offers the bZ4X all-electric SUV, which can go about 270 miles on one charge and starts at $42,000. Plus, it plans to release a “next-generation” EV for Lexus, its luxury brand, in the same timeframe.

The company first started “actively investing in future-oriented areas” in 2016 and, as of March, had since shifted about half of its R&D staff and expenses into its Advanced Development work. In May, Toyota launched BEV Factory, a space designed specifically for innovating battery EV technology. The company has adopted giga casting, the use of high-pressure aluminum die casting machines to create larger car parts, first used by Tesla — a move it says will lower manufacturing costs. The car’s body will be manufactured with only three pieces.

Toyota’s other venture comes in the form of the Hydrogen Factory, an organization it plans to open this July in hopes of streamlining decisions and offering more advanced, cheaper fuel cells through alliances and its own innovation. Hydrogen itself is not inexpensive or widely accessible, creating additional barriers to adaptation. It can cost about $0.30 per mile, though Toyota offers $15,000 or three years for leasers and six years for buyers — whichever comes first — in complimentary fuel as an incentivization. Its hydrogen car, the Toyota Mirai, currently has a range of up to 402 miles and takes about five minutes to fill up. Toyota also recently unveiled a GR H2 Racing Concept for future entry into Le Mans 24 Hours race’s new hydrogen car category, where quick fill-up is vital.


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