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This Teacher Points Out the Ridiculous Double Standard LGBTQ+ Teachers Are Held To


As a country, we’ve made significant strides for LGBTQ+ rights in the past few decades. But we still have a long way to go—especially in our schools.

According to this national survey, one-third of LGBTQ teachers feel their jobs are at risk if they came out to administrators, over half feel their job is at risk if they were out to students, and a quarter report being harassed at their workplace.

Thanks to misinformation and echo chambers, there are some wildly different interpretations about what a teacher really being “out” at school means.

Mr. Williams, a pre-K teacher and content creator @mrwilliamsprek, talks about this difference in this TikTok.

“I get asked a lot if I disclose my sexuality at school.”

“I always say that my students, my colleagues, and my administrators all know I have a husband. Usually it’s pretty well received.”

He goes on to explain that every once in a while, he gets a parent who pushes back, saying that by talking about his husband, he’s indirectly talking about sex in the classroom. Which is where the double standard comes in:


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Watching Mr. Williams’ TikTok made me think of all the times I’ve “talked about sex at school,” according to this parent’s logic.

  • Announcing my maternity leave to colleagues and students
  • Having a picture of my husband on my desk
  • Allowing students to talk about their parents or siblings
  • Assigning a piece of literature that mentions crushes, dating, courtship, marriage, relationships, romantic feelings, pregnancy, families, or babies
  • Responding to the question “Mrs. Treleaven, who was the hottest Mr. Darcy?” with “Uh, Colin Firth, obviously.”

So weird that no one ran to tell the school board about any of that.

Commenters were quick to respond. They cheered on Mr. Williams and shared other double standards:

Screenshot of comment on TikTok about double standards

Jesus, take the wheel.

Screenshot of comment on TikTok about double standards

Screenshot of comment on TikTok about double standards


Keep being you, Mr. Williams. 🏳️‍🌈

What do you think about this (and other) double standards in teaching? Let us know in the comments!

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