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The Switch version of ‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ has been canceled | Engadget


Five months after Marvel’s Midnight Suns , the game will at last land on last-gen consoles. Firaxis’ turn-based RPG will hit Xbox One and PS4 on May 11th.

There’s a disappointing update for those who’ve been waiting for Marvel’s Midnight Suns to come to Nintendo Switch, however. That version is “no longer planned,” according to . In other words, Firaxis and publisher 2K have canceled the Switch port.

That may not be a huge surprise, given the extra time that Firaxis already needed to get the PS4 and Xbox One versions ready. Both of those consoles are considerably more powerful than the Switch and it may be the case that the extra work required to get the game running on Nintendo’s console ultimately wasn’t worthwhile. After all, despite strong reviews, the game was a “commercial flop,” Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

On a positive note, the Xbox One and PS4 versions will drop on the same day as the game’s fourth expansion. Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Blood Storm will add Storm as a playable character and introduce new missions to the ongoing vampyre storyline. All of the DLC installments will be available to PS4 and Xbox One players out of the gate, enabling them to add the likes of Deadpool, Venom and Morbius to their hero rosters.


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