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The Morning After: Popular subreddits welcomed adult content to protest Reddit changes | Engadget


The battle over Reddit’s API changes continues, even after coming into effect. Reddit’s decision to charge for access to its API was supposedly aimed at companies scraping the website to train Large Language Models for generative AI, but the decision also affects thousands of third-party clients and apps that tie into the platform, including ones with powerful moderation tools not available on the main site and app. Thousands of communities protested the move by setting their subreddits private and making them inaccessible.

Following the API changes, several popular subreddits that historically prohibited porn have started allowing users to post NSFW – Not Safe For Work – content. These communities include r/mildlyinteresting and r/videos. In r/TIHI’s (Thanks, I Hate It) case, a stickied post says the subreddit is removing a rule that forbids extreme NSFW content and will now welcome it, as long as it’s legal under US law. By allowing their subreddits to be filled with posts deemed not safe for work, the moderators have made sure Reddit can’t monetize them. The site’s response to the situation has been swift – administrators have reportedly removed whole moderating teams for communities that labeled themselves NSFW.

So far, these protests have had little effect on Reddit CEO Steve Huffman. He told NPR: “It’s a small group that’s very upset, and there’s no way around that. We made a business decision that upset them.”

– Mat Smith

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A welcome dramatic turn for the series.


Square Enix

It’s back again. This time, it’s real-time. With Final Fantasy XVI, the series’ creators have decided the franchise’s future is action-centric and storyline driven. And it’s heavily inspired by epic TV fantasy series. Until now, the Final Fantasy games have never quite had their angry, moody dark moment. With nuanced, occasionally horny characters and often a lot of violence, is this the series’ moody teenager era? The tale of FFXVI is achingly Game of Thrones-y, but sometimes the inspiration is a little on the nose: Dad dies early on? Check. Mysterious wolves? Check. Creepy mother-son relations? Check. While this is a very different kind of game for the series, for those looking for a fantasy adventure with a plot that’s kept me hooked, the 16th Final Fantasy delivers.

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This mesh network is more approachable than the rest.



Google’s WiFi products have always offered an acceptable blend of power, price and performance. The Nest WiFi Pro, the company’s latest flagship, builds on that existing formula by adding WiFi 6E. Part of its appeal is the Google brand, plus the promise of regular free software updates and tight integrations with most of the world’s smart home players. You won’t get into the fundamentals of running a network, but it should appeal to people who want to set up a guest network quickly. Something like the TP-Link XE75 might run faster and offer more features, but for this price, Google’s made the right compromises.

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And Nintendo’s remastering ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ for the Switch.

An unusual SNES classic is getting the remake treatment. Super Mario RPG is back with “brand-new graphics” and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch on November 17th. The 1996 original was the very first Mario RPG, made in collaboration with Squaresoft (now Square Enix). It tasks Mario, Bowser, Peach and friends with taking down a mechanical enemy named Smithy and recovering stolen pieces of the Star Road. The remake uses the same art style as modern Mario games. Nintendo is also working on an updated version of – perhaps not a huge surprise given the success of .

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And not all of these over-ear models will break the bank.

For Engadget’s best wireless headphones guide, we tested several models with a variety of features, including noise cancellation and sound quality. Plus, our favorites span a range of prices, so you can decide how much you’re comfortable spending and, ultimately, get the best buy for you. That includes a set for a mere $79.

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Categories include sexual themes, gambling and significant profanity or vulgarity.

Twitch has overhauled its mature content policies, switching from a general toggle to specific categories describing what viewers can expect. The new Content Classification Labels are myriad, including mature-rated games, sexual themes, significant profanity or vulgarity, gambling, violent and graphic depictions and, lastly, drugs, intoxication or excessive tobacco use. The ratings apply to both the game and you. For example, if you’re playing a mature-rated game, Twitch will automatically label it as such. But, if you’re playing an E-rated game and you’re excessively swearing, you must mark your stream as having significant profanity or vulgarity.

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AST SpaceMobile recently completed a two-way voice call.

Earlier this year, AST SpaceMobile, with the help of AT&T, connected an off-the-shelf Samsung Galaxy S22 to a satellite in low-Earth orbit to complete a two-way voice call. Now the company says it’s one step closer to bringing the technology to consumers. AST recently completed multiple tests in Hawaii where its engineers saw download speeds of 10Mbps from the company’s BlueWalker 3 satellite to unmodified phones on the ground.

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