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The Morning After: Get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2023 | Engadget


Prepare your ovenable protein of choice, hang out the ornaments and make haste to invite your friends. We’re rapidly approaching this year’s Prime Day, and so it’s about time you got yourself ready to indulge in Amazon’s two-day sales event. We’ve published our latest guide to help you get set, with information on how best to prepare your shopping and, crucially, where to compare historic price trends to make sure the deal you’re offered is actually a deal.

It’s worth noting that plenty of other retailers also plan to take advantage of loosened wallets in the same period. Walmart, Target and Best Buy, alongside plenty of others, will be offering deals on the same or similar items, so it’s doubly worth shopping around. If all of that feels like too much effort, then rest assured that Engadget will also be hunting and picking the best deals, which can be found in our dedicated deals newsletter.

– Dan Cooper

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It’s a slightly simpler way of organizing things.

Promotional image of Intel's Core re-branding.


Intel feels it’s time to tidy up its chip branding, ditching the “i” in front of its series numbers and cleaving the line in two. Rather than Core i3/i5/i7/i9, we’ll just see a lineup of Core 3/5/7/9 chips, with higher-end processors now dubbed Core Ultra. This naming revolution will start with the launch of the new Meteor Lake chips, which are expected to land later this year.

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Well, apart from the new logo.

Image of the rear of the MSI Stealth Studio.

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Engadget’s Sam Rutherford has spent the last few weeks with MSI’s new and fully-redesigned Stealth Studio. It seems to be an extraordinary mea culpa from the company after last year’s lackluster effort, and Sam’s already happy to call it the “most improved gaming laptop of the year.” Notable tweaks include a better chassis, longer battery life, great performance and a bright, fast display. Even more impressive is that MSI managed to tune this machine to outperform laptops costing much more, including the Razer Blade 18.

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They say the platform does nothing to prevent IP misuse.

A coalition of music publishers believes Twitter isn’t doing enough, or anything, to combat copyright infringement on its platform. After talks to set up a licensing deal failed, the National Music Publishers Association has taken Twitter to court, suing for $250 million in damages. It said that the platform is regularly informed of instances of infringement, but opts to do nothing, saying that the problem has become much worse since Elon Musk – a noted critic of the DMCA – bought the company.

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It’s a big figure, but do we really need new PHEVs?

A 2024-model VW Tiguan in disguise.


Volkswagen has announced its new Tiguan PHEV will be able to travel for up to 62 miles in electric-only mode. It’s a significant figure, and much more than other PHEVs on the market such as the Prius and Outlander. VW says the range improvements come from the use of newer EV tech and that we’ll learn more about that when it launches later this year. It’s expected to hit dealerships at some point next year, which might make it the last gas-powered car some people ever buy.

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