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The Morning After: All the cool things Netflix showed off over the weekend | Engadget


Tudum, Netflix’s in-house mix of Comic Con and shareholder presentation, took place this weekend. The company used the moment to tease plenty of forthcoming projects, including its live-action remakes of . It also showed off its adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning World War II novel .

The streamer also revealed the first teaser for the adaptation of Liu Cixin’s award-winning sci-fi novel . That has the distinction of being the first (finished) project to come from Game of Thrones co-creators / co-ruiners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss since all of that.

But what’s likely to be the biggest new release was the game show adaptation of blockbuster dystopia , which will land in November. The series puts 456 contestants through a set of grueling challenges until one winner walks away with $4.56 million in prize money. Bear in mind that participants have already described their experiences on the show as “absolutely inhumane,” and plenty of contestants required medical attention during the challenges. Satire, eh?

– Dan Cooper

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Time to let people shout ‘fire’ in that crowded theater.

Facebook’s parent company has . Late on Friday, it said it would loosen the rules in territories which no longer have the pandemic listed as an active public health emergency. In those countries, like the US, users should expect a spike in mistruths, conspiracy theories and other nonsense. If you lost a loved one, either to the pandemic itself or one of its second-order effects, consider this a pointed insult to their memory from Mark Zuckerberg straight to you.

Learn all about the trials of making a folding phone.

Image of some design elements from the Google Pixel Fold laid out on a table.


Samsung’s dominance of the foldables space puts pressure on new entrants, like Google, who can’t be seen to be playing catch-up. , Sam Rutherford sat down with two of the people behind the device, George Hwang and Andrea Zvinakis. The trio discussed the importance of that front-facing display, the challenges of developing software for multi-screened devices and why we still need to be smart with hinges. Read on to learn all of the thought that goes into building something that’ll be under so much scrutiny.

Karissa Bell has written an exhaustive report into , which is well worth your attention. As CEO Steve Huffman goes on the offensive, threatening to depose protesting moderators, this fight is already damaging the platform’s reputation. Some communities are hunting out alternative venues, while some advertisers have pressed pause to sit out the unrest. And, much as Huffman’s putting a brave face on things, analysts believe the protests did cause a in Reddit’s daily traffic numbers.

A stay of execution, at least for now.

Until the resolution of its lawsuit, the SEC will allow . Officials sued the exchange for various alleged misdeeds and had initially sought to freeze its assets entirely, essentially putting it out of business. But a judge has forced a compromise, allowing Binance to keep going, doing just enough to safeguard its users’ assets and enable withdrawals before the courtroom drama begins proper.


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