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The Honda E compact electric car might not get a follow-up | Engadget


Honda’s E electric car went on sale in the summer of 2020 in Europe and Japan, offering those who want a cute and compact vehicle a zero-emission option. The retro-styled EV could be the only model in its line, though, because the automaker apparently has no plans to produce more cars of the same size. At the launch event of e:Ny1, Honda’s new electric SUV, Honda UK executive Rebecca Adamson told Autocar: “There won’t be more cars the size of the Honda E. I can say that confidently.”

Adamson also said that Honda chose to focus on electric SUVs, because that’s where the market demand in the UK is. “It’s a market-led product line-up. As long as that’s where the market is, we will continue to be SUV driven,” the executive said. Indeed, the car has several SUVs in its current lineup, which will soon include the e:Ny1. At a business briefing in April, Honda also said that it’s building a mid-to-large-size EV based on its e:Architecture platform that will go on sale in North America in 2025. As another clue that Honda was going to put its focus on electric SUVs, it said it was further developing its vehicle OS for use with mid-to-large-size EVs.

The Honda E was relatively well-received for its stylish looks, but it has a small battery and has a pretty short range at 137 miles. It was meant for city and suburban use only, not for long stretches of road with no charging stations in sight. As for the e:Ny1, it’s a compact SUV with a range of 256 miles and a fast charging capability that enables it to go from 10 to 80 percent in 45 minutes. It’s only the brand’s second pure EV after Honda E meant for release in the European market. 


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