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The High-Octane Fuel Of Rapid eLearning: Authoring Tools


Embracing The Agile

Organizations are under constant pressure to tackle issues such as employee attrition, expanding skill gaps, and quiet quitting, that hamper workforce productivity. As they look to move forward in the dynamic work environment, L&D leaders are actively evaluating their investments and brainstorming new tactics to equip a hybrid workforce. According to a 2023 report by Brandon Hall Group, 60% of organizations believe learning technologies led by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are critical and highly important for the L&D function to deal with the Future of Work. An agile learning strategy infused with the latest learning technologies and rapid prototyping is the need of the hour.

eBook Release: Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D

eBook Release

Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D

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Complementing Quality With Technology

To crack the code of effective rapid eLearning, L&D professionals have to collaborate with rapid software. The ability to develop and deploy training programs swiftly with zero compromises on quality is possible by leveraging eLearning authoring tools. And rapid eLearning accelerators such as AI-enabled tools, templates, and trackers are making eLearning development an exciting space.

These learning technologies have one thing in common – the ability to reduce time, cost, and effort. The amount of work involved in developing a course quickly, getting translations done, adding voiceovers, developing videos, creating assessments & digital interactive assets with responsive design can be streamlined effectively with eLearning accelerators.

Ring In The “Rapid” In Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning accelerators are a collection of tools and technologies that help accelerate eLearning design and development. Progressive L&D teams are working smart by utilizing them for:

  • eLearning development – responsive courses
  • eLearning Translations
  • Adding AI voiceovers and avatars in eLearning
  • Video development
  • Microlearning asset development
  • Developing digital resources – infographics, job aids, interactive PDFs, eBooks

Authoring Tools: The Fuel Of Rapid eLearning

The learning technology landscape has an interesting mix of tools available for L&D. Authoring tools – software to develop eLearning courses – can be broadly classified under two categories mainly.

Desktop-based Authoring Tools

Desktop-based authoring tools are hosted primarily on a computer and are equipped with an extensive pool of asset libraries, available offline at the user’s disposal. Popular desktop authoring tools include Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, iSpring Suite, Articulate Storyline 360.

Cloud-based Authoring Tools

Cloud-based authoring tools are hosted on a cloud server accessed through the Internet, facilitating remote work and seamless online collaboration, without worrying about storage space. Popular cloud-based authoring tools include Lectora Online, Articulate Rise 360, Elucidat, and dominKnow Flow.

AI-Enabled Tools

Artificial Intelligence powered tools are easy-to-use and enhance rapid eLearning by reducing human effort. However, most of these tools are still evolving and need human intervention to ensure quality and make nuanced decisions. AI-powered tools offer rapid eLearning services for various aspects of eLearning design and development, including:

  • Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop, PhotoKit, AirMagic, Canva
  • Text-to-Speech Software: Amazon Polly, Speech Studio by Mircosoft, WellSaid Labs, Rev, Otter.ai
  • eLearning Translations: Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate, DeepL, Translate Me
  • Video Development: Synthesia, Vyond, Camtasia
  • Content and Assessments Generation: ChatGPT

Can’t Tackle eLearning Authoring Tools In-house?

To get the best output from authoring tools at speed with quality, it’s best to partner with a competent eLearning outsourcing partner. A partner with the right expertise in eLearning authoring tools will deliver courses that are efficient, effective, time-saving, and priced right. Not to mention – meeting your requirements of quality and volume. Apart from utilizing the standard features of authoring tools, your eLearning outsourcing partner will help you with the following.

  • Atypical Requirements
    Get courses developed to accommodate unique requirements tailor-made to your organizational and learner needs.
  • Reusable asset library
    The vendor partner will build a library of reusable assets such as user interfaces, interactive elements, common screens, assessments, icons, images, and graphics. These can be branded and reused across your eLearning courses, saving time and lending uniformity.
  • Lean Development
    Explore the benefits of a lean, agile eLearning development process coupled with rigorous quality checks for best-in-class course delivery and cross-device compatibility.

Organizations with a global presence often have a requirement to deliver training programs in multiple languages. This brings in a need for technology or outsourcing partners that offer eLearning translation services with rapid authoring tools.

Think Rapid, Scale Rapidly

According to the Brandon Hall Group report, 91% of organizations said cloud authoring will be a top priority of their L&D function in the next twelve months. To achieve the desired learning outcomes that align with business goals, L&D professionals and organizations need to tap into the best eLearning authoring tools. By capitalizing on authoring tools for eLearning, L&D professionals can boost employee performance and drive productivity, thereby maximizing ROI and contributing to business growth through learning initiatives.

Position your L&D team to meet emerging business challenges with the right rapid eLearning software. Accelerate your Learning and Development proficiency with rapid eLearning solutions.

Download the eBook Rapid eLearning In The New Age Of L&D today to uncover the secrets for launching a successful rapid eLearning program that doesn’t compromise on quality.

eBook Release: CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions

CommLab India Rapid eLearning Solutions

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