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The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


As summertime arrives, it’s time to put away our spring clothing and break out the new summer outfits. Just make sure the new items you’re adding to your summer wardrobe are sustainably made. When you’re shopping for new clothes, it’s all too easy to focus on price and forget about being environmentally responsible.

Fast fashion, a business model in the clothing industry that mass-produces clothing at a low price, may cost you less but will cost the environment more in the long run. Low-price clothing brands, such as Shein, use child labor in sweatshops and fill landfills of unsold clothes weekly. Fast fashion also uses an excessive amount of water, contaminates the oceans with plastic microfibers and rapidly increases greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why it’s so important to shop responsibly by shopping sustainably not just this summer, but all year round. 

Finding environmentally responsible brands can be hard and expensive. But that’s only if you don’t know where to look. Ever since I first began learning about the detrimental impacts of the fast fashion industry, I’ve been researching and shopping for environmentally conscious brands. Sustainable clothing affects the environment as little as possible by using organic materials, not using child labor or sweatshops and maintaining low pollution emissions. Companies can also apply to be climate neutral certified, which stands as proof of its dedication to keeping emissions low. Below are a handful of brands that are committed to sustainability.


Happy Earth Apparel

Happy Earth is one of my favorite brands. The whole brand is carbon-neutral and dedicated to preventing climate change and preserving the world around us; a portion of every purchase is donated to nonprofit organizations working to protect the planet. All of the clothing is made of organic cotton, reclaimed cork and reclaimed fibers. Happy Earth’s clothing reflects its goal of preserving the planet. From T-shirts that say “Give a Damn” to sweatshirts that say “Be Kind to the Earth.” Happy Earth’s clothing is a great gift, not just for all the environment lovers out there, but for mother nature herself.



The majority of clothing sold by Quince is made using sustainable materials and produced by manufacturers dedicated to providing a high-quality work environment. Quince’s minimalistic packaging and its “factory-direct” business model helps reduce waste and carbon emissions. The men’s and women’s clothing is made in timeless styles with high-quality materials, which aim to limit excessive consumption of clothing. If you’re in need of classic pieces with a modern twist, which are all made with the preservation of the planet in mind, then Quince is the brand for you.



Not only is Wildfang gender- and size-inclusive, but it’s also climate-neutral. The trendy clothing brand, which supports nonprofits fighting for equality, lays out an 18-month plan to become more sustainable on its website. This plan includes “replacing packaging with biodegradable/sustainable alternatives, eliminating excess packaging and reducing equipment energy consumption.” Now you can shop for all your going-out clothing needs while knowing you’re giving back to several charities.



Get cozy while staying down-to-Earth in Hybernate’s comfortable pajama sets. These stylish and sustainable pajamas are made of organic prima cotton and high-quality fabric. The pajamas are designed to outlast all your other sleepwear, lessening their environmental footprint. If you need new pairs of matching pajamas for your family this year, then look no further than Hybernate. 


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