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The Arc personalized web browser is now available to everyone | Engadget


If you’ve wanted to customize (or simply deface) the websites you visit, you’ll now have an easy time of it. The Browser Company has released its Arc 1.0 browser for the Mac, no waitlist required. The finished version includes a few features that have popped up in recent weeks, including an optional toolbar, a site “control center” and picture-in-picture support for Google Meet video calls. The software should be leaner and faster than previous versions, too.

As before, Arc rethinks some of the fundamentals of web browsers. You can personalize the look and layout of a website using Boosts that let you change colors, replace fonts and even “zap” sections you don’t want to see. While this doesn’t work perfectly for every website, you can share many customizations with other users. You can use coding and scripts to create Boosts, but they don’t require that know-how.

Tabs are still present. However, you primarily organize browsing around switchable virtual spaces (effectively tab groups) that help you focus on a given task, such as work or your social media catch-up. You can pin sites you use often, and there’s a command bar that courts power users.

A Windows version of Arc is coming “soon,” the company says. This probably won’t supplant Chrome, Edge or Safari if you’re a fan of those browsers. They still cover common tasks well, and the familiar interfaces may well be enough. However, Arc may be what you’re looking for if you wish you could reshape the web to your liking.


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