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The 8 Best Mattresses for Heavy People for 2023


$937 at Titan

titan firm hybrid mattress

Titan Firm Hybrid

Best firm mattress for heavy people

If you’re shopping for a mattress, you’re probably aware that finding the best mattress for you isn’t always as easy as going to a website and grabbing the first one with good reviews. There are a ton of choices out there — and the best mattress for one person may not be the best option for someone else. Since every body is different and everybody has different needs, mattress shopping can quickly become difficult. If you have a larger body, you’ll want to find a firmer mattress with enough support but also enough cushion to relieve pressure

If you’re feeling bombarded by all the mattress options, worry not. We don’t expect you to know the difference between an innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress. We’ve done that legwork for you. Through our research, we’ve found the best mattresses for heavy people on the market today that offer ample support for heavier sleepers. To see our picks for the best mattress for heavy people, read on. 

What is the best mattress for heavy people?


The Big Fig mattress is an all-around supportive mattress for heavier body types.

Big Fig

The Big Fig mattress takes the crown as our overall top pick for the best mattress for heavy people. It’s an ultradurable and supportive mattress designed at every turn with plus-size sleepers in mind. It’s also fairly priced compared to other premium, thick hybrid mattresses. That said, we provided a full list of suitable hybrid mattresses that would also be great additions to your bedroom.

Note that all prices below are for queen-size models. If you’re looking to upgrade your whole sleeping setup, we also have suggestions regarding pillows, sheets, and other sleep essentials. So which is the best mattress for heavy people? Keep reading to see our picks.

Video: Best mattress for heavy people

Watch CNET video producer Owen Poole review the best mattresses for heavy people.

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Best mattresses for heavy people of 2023

Mattress Price Scale:

$ = Budget – $799 and below

$$ = Average – $800 to $1,699

$$$ = Premium – $1,700 and up

Reflect MSRP prices* sales might push a mattress to a lower threshold, but they are always changing.

big fig mattress with woman sitting on top

Big Fig

Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 8 or medium-firm to firmWarranty 20-year warranty Trial: 120 nightsTrial 120 nights Price $$

After studying how heavy sleepers’ mattresses commonly break down over time, the creators of the Big Fig put together a plan to address each issue with the components of their brand-new, problem-solving mattress. That’s why it earns the title of best overall mattress for heavy people. As if you needed more proof, you should know that Big Fig is short for “Bigger Figure.”

Big Fig

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titan firm hybrid mattress

Titan by Brooklyn Bedding

The best firm mattress for heavy people goes to the Titan from the online bedding brand Brooklyn Bedding. Made in Arizona in the brand’s own factory, the Titan mattress offers up maximum support for heavier back and stomach sleepers who seek extra durability and back reinforcements. 

A bed with a Helix Plus mattress

Helix Sleep

Specially designed for plus-size as well as tall sleepers, the Helix Plus mattress meets that elusive ideal of support and comfort for heavy people. At 13 inches tall with a five-layer construction, Helix Plus features a blend of pressure-relieving memory foam, the brand’s responsive Dynamic foam, and XL pocketed steel coils for maximum support. Enveloping it all is an airy Tencel cover, ensuring maximum breathability and airflow throughout the night.

Saatva HD mattress


Known as the “first luxury heavy-duty mattress for bigger bodies,” the Saatva HD mattress is specially designed to support a sleeper weighing up to 500 pounds while they rest in restorative slumber. 

winkbed plus mattress


Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 8-9 or medium-firm to firmWarranty Lifetime warrantyTrial 120 nights Price $$

The WinkBed Plus is designed so that heavy sleepers can enjoy long-term support and the experience of a luxury mattress. Most important for our purposes, however, is the Plus’ ability to alleviate pain. This trait has been confirmed numerous times in verified customer reviews.

Winkbed Plus

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid


The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid, which is pitched as the company’s softest, most plush mattress, was designed to be supportive and ultra pressure-relieving. Since it “gives” generously and moves as you move, it’s going to be ideal for strict side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds. 

DreamCloud Premier mattress

My Slumber Yard

For heavy sleepers who love the hugging and contouring feel of memory foam, the DreamCloud Premier option is a great option. Not only does it have an affordable price compared to the other mattresses for heavy people on this list, but it offers a luxury sleeping experience fit with a supportive pocketed coil base layer, a comfortable memory foam top layer, and a fluffy pillow top for the icing on the cake. 

brooklyn bedding bowery mattress

Brooklyn Bedding

One of the primary things heavy sleepers over 230 pounds should look for is support. Hybrid mattresses with coils in the bottom layer typically deliver on this, and Brooklyn Bedding Signature is one of the most affordable, quality hybrid mattresses for heavy people you can buy on the internet. 

Other mattresses we’ve tested

The CNET Sleep editors test out mattresses for the purpose of writing honest mattress reviews and best lists. They’ve had their hands on hundreds of different beds and have valuable insight on the best and worst mattresses on the market. 

Purple Hybrid Premier mattress: The Purple Hybrid Premier is a durable, quality mattress that sleeps cool, thanks to the Purple Grid. This proprietary flexible gel-like material makes you feel like you’re floating. For heavier sleepers, Purple Hybrid Premier will feel like medium to medium-soft, so it would be best for those who favor their side. 

Loom & Leaf mattress: Loom & Leaf is a memory foam bed with special cooling tech. It doesn’t retain heat like traditional memory foam beds. It has two firmness levels to choose from, both on the firmer end. For a heavy sleeper, the firmness would be either a medium or medium-firm. 

Nectar Premier and Copper mattresses: The Nectar Premier mattress boasts 3 inches of pressure-relieving foam and an all-foam construction. The Nectar Premier is a good pick for stomach, back and combo sleepers, but not the best choice for heavier sleepers. It has no coils, so heavier body types may compress the mattress too much.

Nolah Original 10 mattress: This mattress is plush, airy, and pressure-relieving thanks to its neutral foam feel. It’s a medium to a medium-soft on the firmness scale, making it ideal for side sleepers and some combination sleepers. It’s still a good, affordable foam mattress that won’t break the bank. 

How we test mattresses for heavy people

For this in-depth mattress review list, I considered factors like mattress type, mattress materials and mattress firmness, and how they suit the needs of heavy sleepers. Purchasing elements were also taken into account, like price, shipping, warranty and trial period. 

CNET editors choose the goods and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you purchase using our links, we may get a commission. Learn more about how we test mattresses.

What to consider when buying a mattress for heavy sleepers

When you’re shopping for the best mattress for heavy people, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Best mattress for heavy people graphic showing different sleeping positions.

People over the 230 pound range might find that a lot of beds have a softer feel than advertised. Firmer, more supportive options are typically the best beds for heavy sleepers. 

CNET/Zooey Liao

  • Firmness: Firmness is one of the most important factors when choosing a mattress. However, you should remember that your body type influences how you perceive a bed’s firmness. A petite person will put less pressure on the bed, making it feel firmer. A heavier sleeper will put more pressure, making the mattress feel softer. 
  • Durability: You want a mattress that will stand the test of time. The reality is that not all types of material will hold up. It’s a good idea to look for mattresses with reinforced materials like coils and high-density foam. 
  • Support: When you’re sleeping on a mattress that isn’t supportive enough, you’ll likely wake up with a sore back or neck. Most heavy sleepers should opt for something that guarantees support, like a hybrid or innerspring mattress. 
  • Edge support: Edge support is the strength of the bed’s perimeter. An easy way to test a bed’s edge support is by sitting on the edge; if you feel like you’re going to slip off because the edge gives way to your weight, then the edge support could be better. This matters for people who need access to the whole sleeping surface. 

Best mattress construction for heavy people

If you’re a heavier sleeper, you should buy an innerspring or a hybrid mattress. All-foam bases just won’t be able to match the support and durability of coils. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy the feel of memory foam. Many hybrid mattresses have layers of memory foam on top of their coils.

Mattress for heavy people FAQs

Do mattresses have a weight limit?

Technically, yes mattresses have a weight limit. Most mattresses support around 500 pounds (250 pounds on each side) due to the materials used. Certain brands like Casper claim to have no weight limits. And others, like Big Fig, make mattresses with materials that support more weight and advertise that. Big Fig mattresses support 1,100 pounds.

What is the best mattress for a heavy person?

The best mattress for a heavy sleeper is anything that is comfortable and gives them the support they need while sleeping. Those mattresses tend to include coils and fall at the firmer end of the scale. We think Big Fig is the best overall mattress for heavy people because of its high-quality materials and thick, 3-inch Euro pillow top. 

What mattress types are best for heavier/larger sleepers?

Without a doubt, the best kind of mattress would be a hybrid mattress that combines pocketed coils or innersprings with some kind of foam, whether it be memory foam, latex foam, poly foam or some kind of blend. Hybrid mattresses offer more support than foam beds because steel coils are more durable and supportive than foam. 

What mattress firmness is best for heavier/larger sleepers?

It primarily depends on your favorite sleeping position, but in general, firmer mattresses are better because they offer more support. Also, the heavier you are, the softer you typically think mattresses are. For example, a bed that feels like a medium to someone who weighs 175 pounds might feel more like a soft mattress to someone who weighs 230 pounds. 

Is a memory foam mattress good for a heavy person?

Yes, memory foam mattresses offer contouring pressure relief that can be helpful for any person of any size. However, try to find a memory foam hybrid mattress that contains steel coils in the foundation layer to ensure your bed remains durable, supportive and comfortable throughout its lifetime. 


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