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The 7 School Supplies Teachers Swear By


It’s that time of year again! Teachers are putting together their school supply lists for the upcoming school year. Some may wonder why teachers are so picky about certain supplies. When it comes to school supplies, just trust us, teachers know best! There’s a method to our madness and a reason why broken crayons end up in the trash, or why you’ll only find Expo markers in many classrooms.

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Check out the brands teachers trust most.

“When crayons break while kids are coloring with them, they get UPSET.”


Let’s talk about crayons! I’m not sponsored by any of these brands. Just making back to school easier for you. #crayons #supplylist #compare #teachers

♬ original sound – mssteinerart

Let’s face it, Crayola is just superior. It’s understandable to want to save a few bucks and pick up another brand, but that may only lead to a frustrated child when their crayons break in class. Ms. Steiner shared in a TikTok that Target’s Up&Up crayons are pretty impressive, a close second to Crayola.

“I hate when papers feel soggy from too much glue, and I feel like that happens so much less with these.”

Elmers purple glue stick

Elmer’s glue sticks with the disappearing purple color are great for elementary students! This teaching site totally vouches for these as the best classroom glue. Students can easily see how much glue they’re adding to their paper without overdoing it. Nobody wants a sticky mess, right?

“Spiral notebooks get tangled up with each other and take up a lot of space when you stack them.”

Composition book and spiral notebook

Are you team spiral or team composition notebook? This Reddit thread discusses the pros and cons of both choices. For younger grades, composition books may be the better choice. The composition-book binding prevents kids from easily ripping pages out or getting things caught in a spiral binding. On the other hand, being able to remove pages from a spiral notebook may benefit older students. Another teacher notes that spiral notebooks can be difficult to carry in a stack because the metal bindings get caught together. Whether composition or spiral notebooks are on your supply list, there’s likely a reason!

Why does this teacher only use 9 crayons?


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♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

If you see a supply list that asks for a smaller-quantity pack of crayons, there’s a method there! Kindergartners are still practicing their colors and need easy access to just a handful of basic-color crayons without the confusion of all the color variations (e.g., red orange, yellow orange vs. orange orange). In some crayon packs, there are three versions of the same color, which can be confusing for a young learner as this teacher explains.

The battle of the best dry-erase marker.

expo markers Teacher Essentials

When it comes to dry-erase markers, every teacher has their favorite. Expo markers are a go-to for consistent quality in many classrooms. However, recently other brands have built up traction because of their vibrant colors. What’s your favorite dry-erase marker?

Sharpie can do no wrong.

Sharpie brand school supplies

Permanent markers? Sharpie. Highlighters? Sharpie. Pens? Sharpie. (Well, the pens might be up for debate.) In the majority of cases, Sharpie brand offers a high-quality, long-lasting product no matter what type of school supply you’re grabbing. It’s a go-to for teachers everywhere.

“These scissors have a large, comfortable grip and the blades cut through many materials besides paper.”

Fiskars scissors

Fiskars scissors are tried and true! Jennifer from Early Learning Ideas claims to be a scissor snob and swears by Fiskars. They have a comfortable grip and are durable enough to cut through a variety of materials. Plus, you can find options from blunt tip for early learners to adult size for high schoolers.

The bottom line is, when it comes to school supplies, teachers know best. If they request a specific brand of a school supply, it’s likely for a very good reason!

Teachers, if you’re looking for an easy way to manage your school supply lists this year, head over to TeacherLists. You can easily upload and update your list online and share it with parents, and it will automatically be sent to retailers for families to use when they shop.

And don’t forget, specify the brands you trust and enter to win awesome giveaway prizes over on TeacherLists!

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Teachers Are Sharing Why They Ask for Specific Brands on Their School Supply Lists


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