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Teenagers on the Best Thing About Being Their Age


Though I am on the cusp of adulthood and leaving the safety of my childhood, I would never wish my age away. I am a 16-year-old teenage girl. I have slumber parties with my friends where we eat snacks and talk about boys and post embarrassing photos. I go to bed late and wake up tired on Monday mornings. I wear small clothing — I wear obscenely oversized clothes. I put glitter on my face and shout cheers with kids I barely know at sports games and pep rallies. I look back at nostalgic memories and coo at old baby photos. I spend the weekend hunched over an essay, worrying about my grades. I debate over the problems in the world. I share tampons with strangers in the bathroom — I buy cheap makeup at the drugstore. I have so much ahead of me and I’m leaving a lot behind too. I am happy, ecstatic, afraid, brave, quiet, and loud. At sixteen years old, I feel unrestrained and uncontrolled by rules of adulthood. I wouldn’t trade the time I have now, the time to laugh and cry and do everything in between, for anything.

Caroline, New Hampshire

For me, being a teen is amazing. It presents responsibilities while also allowing for great memories to be formed. Nothing beats biking around in the summer, Saturday night hangouts and swimming at the pool. Being a kid is a ride that keeps on getting better as more opportunities unfold as you age in your teen years. Although being an adult sounds fun at times, being a kid wins the battle 1000-1. If I had the choice I would not change to be an adult now because of all the fun I am having. You hear from people that are adults talking about things like taxes and bills. As a kid you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is live your life.

Holden, Glenbard West High School, Glen Ellyn

I’m 13 years old and the best thing about being my age is definitely exploring and just being adventurous. This is the age where my parents actually trust me enough to go outside in my neighborhood alone and I absolutely love it. Abandoned places, skateboarding, “our spots,” sunsets, the wind blowing in your face. All of those things I get to experience at this age. The age where I can explore the outside world with complete freedom but still being a kid, which means basically no responsibilities, no jobs, nowhere to be, nowhere to go. I love taking 30 minute walks around the same plaza outside my house with my best friend and I love playing volleyball at the park I’ve been to 20,000 times. In my opinion, being a kid is amazing.

Shwe, Julia R. Masterman, Philadelphia, PA

The best thing about being my age is the chaos. I like the hustle and rhythm of a typical busy day as a high schooler. Everything is so fast paced and I love it. I know most would see this as exhausting, but you must take advantage of the time in your youth, for it is the most valuable thing in life.

Everett, New Jersey


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