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Students at Madison upset over racist video


Students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison are demanding that a student who made a racist video be expelled, but the university says it cannot do so because of the First Amendment, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

“UW-Madison is once again letting its students down,” said the Student Inclusion Coalition.

In the video, a student uses racist slurs and says she wants Black people returned to slavery so she can abuse them.

“It is hurtful and absolutely repulsive though not uncommon to hear a white student use such hateful language and racial slurs that are disrespectful and degrading to our community,” the Black Student Union said in a statement.

LaVar Charleston, the university’s chief diversity officer, said the video shows there is work to do.

“I deeply hope and believe that such language and sentiment are not at all commonplace in our community, in either private spaces or public ones,” he said in a statement. “But I also recognize that part of why this is so painful is that it may not be nearly as rare as it should be, perhaps in our community, as well as in society writ large.”


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