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‘Storyteller’ is the latest hot indie game coming to Netflix | Engadget


Storyteller is a game about writing, word puzzles and the twisted tales we tell ourselves just to get through the day, and it’ll be playable on Android and iOS via Netflix on September 26th. Storyteller is published by Annapurna Interactive and it landed on Switch and PC on March 23rd — after spending more than a decade in development. 

Solo creator Daniel Benmergui announced Storyteller in 2011, and a prototype of the game actually won the Nuovo award for innovation at the Game Developers Conference in 2012. After that, life happened and Benmergui stopped working on Storyteller for a few years, but he eventually picked it back up and found a publishing partner in Annapurna.

In Storyteller, players compose narrative arcs using comic book-style building blocks, altering the lives, deaths, romances and betrayals of medieval characters in the process. It’s a soothing, surprising and often amusing experience that captures the absurdity of the creative writing process. 

When Storyteller lands on iOS and Android in September, it’ll come with free DLC that offers new stories for players to weave. This extra content will come to Switch and PC at the same time, also for free.

The Netflix partnership makes sense for Storyteller and plenty of other indie games at the moment. Netflix is rapidly building up its roster of mobile games, all of which are free to play for anyone with a Netflix subscription, and it plans to have nearly 100 titles in its library by the end of the year. Already, Netflix has brought Kentucky Route Zero, Oxenfree, Spiritfarer, Into the Breach, Moonlighter, Laya’s Horizon, TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, and other notable names to iOS and Android. The company has even purchased a few renowned indie outfits outright, including the home of Oxenfree, Night School Studio.


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