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Snag Up to $200 Off an Ergonomic Mavix Gaming Chair


If you enjoy next-gen gaming and spend a lot of time sitting in front of a screen, you know a bad chair can wreak havoc on your body. You can instantly improve your gaming experience with a top quality gaming chair that will help you stay comfortable so that you can be fully immersed in play for the whole session. 

Right now Mavix, who earned a spot on our best gaming chair for 2023 roundup, has slashed the price on its M9 gaming chair by $200, bringing the cost to just $799. Plus, you’ll get a free footrest with your purchase — a $44 savings. Just add M9 to your cart and then add the footrest to your cart, and the discount will be automatically applied. This offer is available now through May 9. 

The M9 gaming chair is designed with a wide 22-inch seat and has plenty of adjustable parts so that you can customize your chair to fit your needs. For example, you can adjust the backrest height, as well as the height and angle of the headrest so that it aligns with your body to keep you comfortable. Having proper lumbar support is important and the M9 comes with Dynamic Variable Lumbar that automatically adjusts to your body. You can also adjust the height, depth, width and angle of your armrests and even reach a recline of up to 127 degrees when you need to lie back. 

Additionally, this chair is built using temperature-regulating cool gel foam and supportive fabric that promotes air circulation, so you shouldn’t overheat during your gaming session. And the wheels should easily glide over any floor type, including carpet. The footrest also adds to your overall comfort. It sports an adjustable angle so you can switch the position of the platform when you need to and has a no-slip grip to keep your feet in place. By the way, if you prefer a different model, you can still get a free footrest when you purchase an M4, M5 or M7 gaming chair, too, with the M4 starting at just $444.

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