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Sennheiser’s first over-the-counter hearing aids come with a modern charging case | Engadget


Sennheiser is the next big brand to offer over-the-counter hearing aids, and it’s clearly aiming at people who are already fans of its personal audio hardware. The newly introduced All-Day Clear (shown below) and All-Day Clear Slim (above) both include a charging case that behaves much like those you’d get with the Momentum True Wireless line or other Bluetooth earbuds. While the aids last up to 16 hours on a charge, this should save you hassles when it’s time to top up.

Not surprisingly, Sennheiser claims strong audio quality with smart scene detection that optimizes voices based on the environment. You can customize the sound for your hearing levels through a mobile app within five minutes, the company says. And if you’re ready to tune others out, you can listen to music like you would with regular wireless earbuds.

Sennheiser All-Day Clear hearing aids


Your choice mainly comes down to dimensions and price. The hearing aids will be available in mid-July starting at $1,400 for the standard All-Day Clear, and $1,500 for the All-Day Clear Slim. An In-Clinic Care Package will also be available if you’d still like professional help.

These aren’t the most affordable or compact over-the-counter hearing aids. Sony’s CRE-C10, for instance, is billed as one of the smallest options on the market and delivers up to 70 hours of battery life. Lexie’s Bose-powered B1 currently costs $849. Sennheiser’s devices are still far less expensive than prescription models (typically $1,000 or more per ear), mind you, and may be worth the extra outlay if the quality matches the brand’s reputation.

The launch isn’t surprising, at least. Sennheiser sold its consumer audio business to Sonova, a hearing aid specialist, in 2021. This was meant to expand Sonova’s audience to a younger crowd while giving Sennheiser the chance to focus on its pro products. From now on, the two companies are working together — products like the All-Day Clear can theoretically benefit from the expertise of both firms.

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