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Save $600 on the CirC Plus Massage Chair at Johnson Fitness & Wellness


There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day, turning the TV on and sinking right into your chair. Now imagine if the chair you sink into offers deep neck and shoulder massages along with heat therapy for your lower back…not too bad, right? With the CirC Plus Massage Chair there’s no need to imagine, this luxury can be all yours and from today until July 31, the luxury can be all yours for $600 less. 

CirC Plus Massage Chair from Johnson Fitness & Wellness is offering customers over 25% off on their most luxurious massage chair. This chair can truly do anything. From deep circular kneading for all areas of the body to specific pain relief targets, the CirC+ Massage Chair is the best chair to help you fully unwind from the day. 

The CirC Plus Massage Chair is available in three different colors and includes a wireless remote control that allows you to choose areas you want to be massaged along with speed and tempo. The chair also includes preprogrammed courses meant for relaxation, sleep and energization. Shop now before this massive deal ends.  


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