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Save $100 On Your First 5 Months With ButcherBox and Get Free Ground Beef for 1 Year


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Memorial Day weekend is here, bringing with it a ton of great deals across various retailers. One of our favorite meat delivery services — ButcherBox — is knocking $100 off the first five months of new subscriptions during its Memorial Day flash sale. That’s $20 off per month. Plus, when you sign up during this sale, ButcherBox will throw in two pounds of ground beef with every box you purchase for your first year of membership absolutely free. Just be sure to sign up by May 29 to take advantage of this deal. 

Getting meat delivered right to your door can save a lot of time. And ButcherBox has a ton of quality cuts available, which includes 100% grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and more. The company says it prides itself on raising its animals in humane conditions and never uses hormones or antibiotics. Once you sign up, you can choose from a wide variety of meats, including beef, chicken, pork, seafood and plenty of other items to build a custom order of your favorites — or choose one of the curated options ButcherBox offers. You can choose your delivery frequency, too, so if you’ve been considering trying out a delivery service, it might be time to take the plunge and cash in on this deal. 

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