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Relieve Back and Neck Pain With an Extra 10% Off Chirp Wheels


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Do you struggle with back or neck pain regularly? If you want to get relief at home, you may want to invest in a Chirp Wheel to help release muscle tension and realign your back. It costs more than some other foam rollers on the market, but it has a wider design that the company says releases more tension and provides deeper pressure — and right now you can get one for less. Like many other retailers, Chirp already has a lot of discounts for Memorial Day and CNET readers can stack an additional 10% off your order when you use our exclusive promo code CNET10 at checkout. 

These foam roller wheels are designed to help stretch and realign your spine, which can bring relief to neck and back pain. Chirp was featured on Shark Tank and has a number of different size wheels to choose from, depending on which areas you aim to target. The larger 12-inch wheel focuses on stretching, while smaller wheels are better for working knots out of specific areas. There are even bundles available if you want to get several sizes in your own set. 

 The popular 10-inch wheel is $45 right now with the 10% savings applied. Or you can snag the Wheel Pro. It’s $90 right now with the added savings, meaning you’ll save $60 on its usual price. However, if you want total relief, you may want to grab Chirp’s Ultimate Back and Neck bundle. It includes the 12-, 10-, 6- and 4-inch wheels to target different areas of the body and it also includes a posture corrector and a case. It’s already marked down right now — and with the promo code the price drops to just $117, saving you $69 on the usual price. 

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