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Putting Learning At The Center Of Your Employee Experience


It Is All About Melding The LX With The EX

In the ever-changing landscape of the workforce, the quest to attract, engage, and retain top-notch talent remains a constant challenge. Meaning that coming up with an employee experience strategy that puts learning at the center of the workflow is everything.

But, really…why is it still challenging to retain employees? In a time when everyone seems to be laying off thousands of employees? It’s a puzzle that HR analyst Josh Bersin aptly describes as being influenced by a multitude of factors.

However, there are two main reasons: the perennial dilemma of feeling underpaid amidst the rise of inflation, coupled with the prevailing sentiment of being overworked. In these conditions, having better benefits and salaries is the first step toward retention as much as it is investing in employees’ current (and future) skills.

Thinking More Holistically About The Employee Experience

Companies are finally waking up to the fact that the employee experience (EX) is more than just a fancy term. They’re realizing that it’s about creating a dynamic and engaging workplace that gets people excited and energized.

And guess who’s leading the charge in this employee experience revolution? That’s right…the Learning and Development (L&D) teams!

In LinkedIn’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report, a whopping 74% of L&D organizations showed off their cross-functional skills. [1] They’re not just about teaching new skills anymore; they’re becoming the ultimate connectors of people, resources, and experiences. They’re like the matchmakers of the HR world, bringing all the right elements together to foster continuous growth and success for employees.

However, in 2023, L&D isn’t (and shouldn’t be, to be fair) in this alone. They’re teaming up with talent acquisition, talent management, people analytics, and DEI teams to create a dream team that’s all about making the employee experience strategy pop!

How Can L&D Pros Put Learning At The Center Of Their Employee Experience Strategy?

1. Unleashing The Power Of Data In Learning

By tapping into the wealth of information available, they can unlock insights that inform personalized and data-driven learning strategies. This means understanding the unique needs, preferences, and learning styles of individual employees.

By harnessing data analytics, L&D can identify skill gaps, optimize training content, and deliver targeted learning experiences that truly resonate. Data-driven learning strategies have the potential to revolutionize the way we approach employee development.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is our training impacting everyone equally?
  • Does our training build critical skills for the future?
  • Is training positively contributing to employee retention?

2. Putting Skills First: Revolutionizing The Hiring Game

According to LinkedIn research, companies that embrace skills data to find the perfect match are a whopping 60% more likely to make successful hires compared to those who don’t prioritize skills. [2] It’s a no-brainer, really.

Now, here’s where the Learning and Development superheroes come into play. Talent acquisition teams are on board with this skills-first approach, but they need someone to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of skills.

Cue L&D professionals…ready to save the day! They help identify those pesky skills gaps and determine what skills the organization needs now and in the future.

3. Progression Over Perfection: Redefining Success

It’s time to embrace the power of progression and let go of that elusive quest for perfection. You’re on a journey of transformation, and that means you gotta take some risks and try out new things. Sure, it might feel a little nerve-racking at first, but trust us, the rewards are gonna be epic.

So, please redefine what “success” means from a continuous learning perspective…for the whole organization but also on the individual level (of each employee).

4. Learning As An Employee Perk

When it comes to improving company culture, guess what tops the charts?

Yep, you guessed it—professional development opportunities! It’s what current employees crave, and it’s what future employees are drooling over. They want to learn and grow professionally. And you know who plays a key role in making that happen? L&D leaders!

And here’s the beautiful part—it’s a virtuous cycle! When recruiters shine a spotlight on professional development as a top-notch company benefit, they attract a tribe of eager learners (and better employees). They bring their hunger for knowledge, their curiosity, and their drive to learn, creating a culture where continuous learning is the norm.

Final Remarks

Learning and Development professionals have the power to shape and elevate the employee experience strategy in profound ways.

By leveraging the power of data, prioritizing skills in hiring, embracing a progression mindset, and positioning learning as a compelling perk, L&D professionals can create a workplace where growth, engagement, and success thrive.

As organizations embrace the transformative potential of L&D, they can unlock a culture of continuous learning and unleash the full potential of their employees.


[1] 2022 Workplace Learning Report

[2] A Skills-First Blueprint to Better Job Outcomes

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