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Protect Your Data With a Rugged Samsung T7 Shield External SSD for Just $75


There’s a lot of important digital information on your devices these days, and you’ll want to protect it. That includes making sure it’s safe from hackers and prying eyes, but you’ll also want to store your files somewhere that’s not at risk of getting damaged or corrupted. And that’s especially true if you need to take them on the go with you. If you’re looking for a portable storage drive that offers serious protection, you’ll want to consider the Samsung T7 Shield — and right now you can pick one up at an all-time low price.

CNET reviewer Joshua Goldman was pretty impressed with the T7 Shield thanks to its ultracompact design and impressive durability. It’s a portable solid-state drive that’s roughly the size of a credit card. You can nab the 1TB model for $75, $35 off its usual price and the lowest we’ve seen it go at Amazon. Other capacities are also on sale and you can score the same discounts at Samsung directly, as well as at B&H

With an IP65 weather-resistance rating, it’s protected against both water and dust, and thanks to its elastomer exterior it can survive drops of up to 3 meters. It boasts speedy performance too, with data transfer speeds of up to 1,050 MB per second. It uses a USB-C connection and is compatible with Mac, Windows and Android devices. There’s no set expiration on this deal, so there’s no telling how long it will remain available.

If you don’t need the added ruggedness, the standard T7 SSD is down to $70 for the 1TB. That’s a little bit cheaper for the same capacity, but the extra physical protections for your data may be worth the extra $5 if you plan to take your drive on the go at all.


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