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New Customers Can Get 1 Month of Sling TV for as Low as $15


These days it’s easy to get access to sports and other great content through the plethora of streaming services readily available — and that means sports fans and other budget-conscious viewers can cut their pricey cable subscriptions once and for all. While there are several different sports streaming services out there worth checking out, one of our favorites is currently offering a great deal for new subscribers. Right now when you sign up for an Orange or Blue plan from Sling TV, you’ll get your first month for $15. Or grab a combined plan for $30. There’s no set expiration for this offer, so we’d recommend signing up soon if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

With this deal, you can get your first month of Sling TV for as little as just $15 if you sign up for an entry-level Orange or Blue plan. Both plans are typically $40 per month, and come with a different selection of channels. Sling recommends the Orange plan for sports fans and families, and it includes channels like ESPN and ESPN2. If you’re primarily interested in football, Sling recommends the Blue plan, which gives you access to channels like Fox Sports 1 and Fox (in select markets). Sling also offers a combined Orange and Blue plan so you don’t have to choose. It’s typically $55 per month, but right now you can get your first month for $30. After the first month of service, your subscription will revert back to the usual monthly price. Sling also offers a variety of add-ons so you can customize your plan with more channels.


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