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‘My Netflix’ puts your downloads and in-progress shows first | Engadget


Netflix’s interface can sometimes make you wade through screens and tabs just to find the show you wanted to watch, but it’s hopefully getting easier as of today. The streaming service is rolling out a My Netflix tab on iOS (Android in early August) that puts everything you’re watching (or want to watch) in one place. That includes in-progress videos and downloads, of course, but you’ll also see My List items, notifications, shows with viewed trailers and other earmarked content. In theory, you can quickly start a series without remembering how you learned about it.

The tab is available worldwide, and will replace the Downloads section when it reaches the app. Netflix notes the tab will grow the more you interact with the platform, so there’s a strong incentive to leave likes or add to your viewing queue. The Home tab will remain if you’re more interested in discovering new material.

To some extent, this is an admission that the Netflix front-end can sometimes be overwhelming when you’re just trying to find that show you were eager to watch. However, it’s also a way to keep viewers coming back. In theory, you’re more likely to stay subscribed if you have an easier time finding the titles you want to watch next. This also helps Netflix boost interaction and identify popular shows using more than viewing counts.

The company isn’t hurting for demand. Netflix’s password crackdown appears to be paying off with a surge in subscriptions from customers that previously borrowed friends’ accounts. The feature isn’t likely to sustain that momentum by itself. With that said, this may give new customers an incentive to continue paying instead of switching to rivals like Amazon.


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