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Hydrow Knocks $250 Off Its Top-Rated Rowing Machine for Mother’s Day


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Treadmills and exercise bikes are great if you’re looking to work on your cardio at home, but if you want a full body workout, you should consider a rowing machine instead. In addition to helping improve your cardio, rowers also provide strength training for your arms, legs, back and core. And right now, you can snag one of our favorite models on the market at a discount. Hydrow is currently offering $250 off its original rowing machine for Mother’s Day, which drops the stating price down to $2,245. This deal is only available through May 14, so be sure to get your order in before then if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

With an aluminum and steel frame and an electromagnetic resistance system, this Hydrow rower looks, feels and preforms like a piece of premium fitness equipment. You can fine-tune the resistance levels between 1 and 300, and it comes equipped with a 22-inch HD display that you can use for on-demand workout classes (though you’ll need a Hydrow membership to get access). It also features built-in front-facing speakers and Bluetooth connectivity so you can blast your music out loud while you train. The rowing machine alone is one sale for $2,245, or you can bundle it with a one-, two- or three-year Hydrow membership, though you’re not saving any money compared to the usual $44/month cost. 

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