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How eLearning Is Allowing New Mothers To Pursue New Careers


How Can New Parents Pursue New Careers With eLearning?

Most experts agree that new parents should stay home for nearly six months following the introduction of a new child into their lives. This recommendation is particularly important for mothers, who are also still recovering from the physical trauma of childbirth. Unfortunately, in the United States, new parents don’t get nearly enough time to tend to their new family’s needs. The average parental leave is under thirty days. There are lots of reasons for this. There isn’t enough social infrastructure in place to make it practical for employers to offer extended parental leave. And as a new parent, you know that now isn’t a good time to stop earning. eLearning and other online resources make it possible to pursue and even begin a new career all from the comfort of home. Read on to learn more.

The Value Of Staying At Home As New Parents

So why is it that experts recommend such a long time at home following childbirth? Recovering from childbirth is hard, but it doesn’t take that long, does it? Well, actually, there are aspects of a woman’s body that will continue to change even months after giving birth. However, the main reasons behind extended parental leave aren’t just about the birth itself. It’s more about what happens after. Family life doesn’t click into place immediately.

Babies have crazy sleep “schedules” (a word that is very loosely applied here). They need to be fed around the clock. They also just need to get the chance to bond with their parents. It’s so much better when there are people in their family around to care for them. These things can happen within the restraints of a standard 9-5 work schedule, but it is so much easier and more natural if you can spend time with your baby directly at home, particularly when one factors in the rising cost of childcare.

How eLearning Can Help Make All The Difference

Ever since COVID-19 took the world into a largely digital workspace, it has been easier than ever to accomplish big things all from the comfort of your home. That includes getting a good education. While online or remote learning has existed in some form for a long time, it used to be met with a degree of cynicism. Now, it’s a feature that is present at most of the top schools in the country. Entering school for the first time? Not a problem at all. There are lots of four-year programs out there that you can use to get a lucrative degree. There are even graduate programs that are just as rigorous and prestigious as any other degree. Online education allows you to:

  • Work comfortably from home
    Obviously, that’s the winning feature in this case. You want to spend more time with your baby, and this is the easiest way to make it happen.
  • Complete assignments at your own pace
    Of course, every curriculum will be unique. Still, it is very common for online classes to be more flexible than their brick-and-mortar alternatives. Rather than having numerous face-to-face meetings (and commutes), you will typically get a set amount of work to complete each week.
  • Network
    The social aspect of online school is admittedly varied. Some programs make a point of connecting students to facilitate the networking that happens organically at in-person schools. Other times, you may need to make a deliberate effort to foster relationships. In any case, networking is still alive and well at online schools, making it easier to launch a good career after you have graduated.
  • Get any job that a degree from a physical school would grant you
    There is no longer any meaningful distinction drawn between physical and in-person school. In fact, if you choose a university that also has a physical campus, your future employer will never even know that you elected to take all your classes online.

Of course, going to college while looking after a newborn child will never be easy, but with the flexibility features of online school, it does at least become manageable.

How To Care For Yourself And Your Family While Going To School

Prioritizing self-care will be an important aspect of helping to ensure that you manage to get your degree while still spending enough time with your family. Successful parent/graduates:

  • Go at their own pace
    While most degree programs will have a set ideal period of completion, there is no rule saying you need to complete your studies in that time frame. Go at the pace that makes sense to you. It is better to do well going slow than to go fast and produce subpar results.
  • Work within their social network
    You may need help from time to time to make this work. Ideally, a partner will be able to step up and take on more responsibilities around the house. Of course, that is not a viable option for everyone. But if there is anyone in your life willing to pitch in, don’t be too proud to take them up on it.
  • Practice self-care
    Oh, what luxury! Parents who aren’t trying to get a degree struggle with this one, but it’s important for everyone. Self-care isn’t manicures and expensive candles. It’s adequate sleep, healthy food, and regular exercise. Make choices that help you be your best self. Not only will it help you with your learning, but it will also be better for your family dynamic.

It’s not going to be an easy or smooth ride, but then, few trips worth the effort are. Be confident in your decision to go back to school. You’ve got this.


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