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Grab This Mango Power E Portable Power Station Bundle for $3,704 (Save $1,291)


Whether you need a backup power source during outages at home or want to take a power source with you while camping off the grid, investing in a portable power station is a good idea. Wellbots has marked down several power station bundles, and right now you can get the Mango Power E portable power station, along with two 200W solar panels, for just $3,704 — however, CNET readers can save an additional 5% on your purchase when you use code CNETBACKUP at checkout, bringing your total savings to $1,291. And you can use that same code on the other bundles, too, if you decide to upgrade. This offer is available now through July 4. 

This portable power station has a battery capacity of 3,500 watt-hours, as well as 16 output ports including four AC ports, six USB-A ports, a USB-C port and more, making it easy to keep all of your most important devices charged. Plus, it includes wheels and a handle for easy transport. The Mango Power E also offers fast charging, reaching up to 80% charge in an hour. There’s also an app that will help you control the device, including by regulating charging speeds when you need to. And you’ll get two free foldable 200W solar panels with your purchase. 

However, if you need more power, you may want to invest in one of the other options available at Wellbots. To run major appliances, you’ll need an mSocket Pro and a second battery — you can get all that, along with four solar panels in this $7,409 option (save $2,385). Additionally, Wellbots says that these bundles are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and has more information available on its website. 


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