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Google’s Pixel Watch now offers overnight blood oxygen tracking | Engadget


Google’s Pixel Watch is a relatively new addition to the market compared to its competitors, so it has some catching up to do features-wise. To that end, Google has announced a new update for the Pixel Watch that will allow for blood oxygen tracking. While you sleep, your watch will monitor your nighttime oxygen saturation and notify you of any changes. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch and Google-owned Fitbit trackers all offer blood oxygen tracking. 

Some of Fitbit’s features were integrated into the Pixel Watch at launch — though not always smoothly. In Engadget’s original review of the Pixel Watch, we noticed a regular delay (between hours and days) in the availability of recent health data, like walks and sleep time. It’s unclear if the same issue will persist with this latest feature. 

The addition of blood oxygen tracking comes alongside a series of new updates for the Pixel Watch and Pixel Phone. On the health side of things, the Pixel Watch will also monitor your heart rate and send you alerts if it becomes abnormal. The Pixel Watch will also have Google Assistant available in a greater number of languages and locations, three new Spotify tiles and the option to purchase Brushed Silver or Matte Black Metal Link Bands — each $200. New features for Google Pixel Phones include improved emergency sharing, emoji wallpapers and the option to export recordings to Google Docs. 

All updates should be available now, except the new Metal Link Band colors, which will roll out in the next few days. If the rumors are true, the Google Pixel Watch 2 will launch this fall — hopefully bringing even more new features.


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