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Google unexpectedly sells its domain-hosting business to Squarespace | Engadget


Google Domains is a quick and simple way to get a jumpstart on building your website, but now the company will soon leave that business. Today, Squarespace that it will acquire approximately 10 million domains from the search giant. The company expects the transaction to close in the third quarter of 2023.

Under the purchasing agreement, Squarespace says that it will honor existing customer pricing for at least 12 months following the completion of the purchase. The company claims that it will use Google’s infrastructure to ensure a “seamless transfer of domains.”

Once everything is set and done, Squarespace will become the exclusive partner for anyone looking to purchase a domain alongside their Google Workspace domain. For existing customers, Squarespace says that it will provide billing and support for Google Workspace customers who’ve already purchased domains through Google Domains. But as time goes on and as subscriptions start to renew, these customers will likely be forced to migrate to Squarespace’s billing system.

Squarespace is already a behemoth in the websites and domain space, so it’s not surprising it had an interest in acquiring Google Domains. It’s a little more surprising that Google is selling, though the company is notorious for abandoning established products at any time. Meanwhile, Squarespace is constantly adding new features to its platform, including the ability to (more commonly known as a paywall) to new and existing sites.


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