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Google I/O: Android Devices Get More Screen Customization Options Soon


Google announced Wednesday at Google I/O that Android users will have more screen customization options with the release of Android 14 later this year and Pixel phones next month.

Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android, said that with Android 14, you will be able to customize more of your lock screen and use AI to generate custom wallpapers. Pixel phones will also be able to create new wallpapers using emoji and use your photos to make 3D wallpapers.

Google AI wallpaper

Android 14 will let you customize your lock screen clock and shortcuts.


Android 14 will bring customizable shortcuts and clocks to your lock screen to Android devices. You can select different colors and fonts for your clock, and you can choose which shortcuts you want on your lock screen, as opposed to having shortcuts you may not use locked into place. 

You will also be able to create custom wallpapers with Android 14 using AI, emoji or your favorite picture to create a dynamic wallpaper.

When generating a custom wallpaper using AI, your Android device will ask you to choose a theme, like classic art, to start. Then, your device will ask for a prompt. For example, Burke’s prompt he chose in a demonstration was, “City by the bay in a Post-Impressionist style.” Once your prompt is in, tap generate and your Android device will create different wallpapers you can choose from.

However, you’ll have to wait until fall to start customizing your lock screen and using AI to generate custom wallpapers.

Google Pixel emoji wallpaper

Have a favorite emoji? You can use it as your wallpaper.


If you like the look of certain emoji, you can also create a wallpaper using one or multiple emoji. You can select up to 14 emoji to generate a wallpaper. Those emoji can be set in different patterns, like mosaic and in different colors too. You can also select Randomize and your Android will do the work for you. 

And if you like to use a personal photo as your wallpaper, Android 14 lets you create a dynamic wallpaper. 

“With the new cinematic wallpaper feature, you can create a stunning 3D image from any regular photo and then use it as your wallpaper,” Burke said. 

The cinematic wallpaper feature adds depth and movement to your wallpaper, so images in the foreground of your wallpaper will appear to move around on your screen as you shift your phone around.

Emoji and cinematic wallpapers will come to Pixel phones in June.

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