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First ‘Star Wars Outlaws’ gameplay trailer offers 10 minutes of scoundrel wish fulfilment | Engadget


 When Ubisoft shared the first look at Star Wars Outlaws on Sunday during Microsoft’s Xbox and Starfield Showcase, the publisher promised it would have an extended gameplay trailer to share during its Ubisoft Forward event on Monday. And boy did it deliver. The company shared 10 minutes of footage that offers a comprehensive look at the upcoming game. 

The clip opens on the planet of Toshara with protagonist Kay Vess and her trusty companion Nix sneaking through a criminal syndicate facility. Kay can call on the adorable Nix to help her traverse the environment, while she takes care of knocking out enemies. If she’s caught sneaking by a guard, Kay has a moment where she, like Han Solo before 1997, can shoot first. Once things get messy, combat revolves around a blaster pistol that features a handful of different ammunition types. For instance, there are enemies with energy shields. In the heat of battle, Nix can retrieve blaster rifles dropped by enemies for Kay to use, though it appears they come with limited ammunition. Star Wars Outlaws won’t limit you to walking everywhere on foot. You can traverse the game’s world on a speeder bike, and even take to the skies and space with a starship, with seemingly no loading between different elements of the game.  

Star Wars Outlaws will be available next year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Massive Entertainment, best known for its work on The Division franchise, is leading development on the project, with what seems like Ubisoft’s entire stable of first-party studios on support duties. The game runs on Massive’s in-house Snowdrop engine and looks stunning as a result. 

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