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Final Fantasy XVI: Release Date, Platforms and Everything Else You Should Know


Final Fantasy 16, the latest entry in the long-running RPG franchise, is coming out later this month. The game makes some big changes to the popular series’ formula, creating a game that’s unlike any others that carry the Final Fantasy name.

Whether these adjustments will win over fans of the series will be the big question when the game comes out. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the next Final Fantasy. 

When does Final Fantasy 16 come out? 

Final Fantasy 16 comes out on June 22 and will cost $70 for the standard edition and $100 for the deluxe edition. 

What platforms will get Final Fantasy 16? 

Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation 5 timed exclusive. Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 16 producer, told ASCII last month that there are plans for a PC version of the game.

Will there be any DLC for Final Fantasy 16? 

Yoshida told Game Informer last month that there are currently no plans for downloadable content for the game. 

Is there a Final Fantasy 16 demo? 

Yes, it’s currently available for download in the PSN Store

What’s the story of Final Fantasy 16? 

Final Fantasy 16 takes place in the world of Vallsthea where nations battle each other over magical Mothercrystals, which provide magic energy to the people of the nation. A powerful force in the nations are magical creatures called Eikons who are controlled by human hosts called Dominants. 

Players control Clive, the son of the Archduke of Rosaria and the First Shield of Rosaria. His role is to protect his younger brother Joshua, who is the Dominant of Phoenix. The game explores the turmoil Clive goes through following an attack on his home nation. 

What’s different in this Final Fantasy? 

Each mainline Final Fantasy game is unique in its own way, and Final Fantasy 16 makes some big changes to the series formula by making the combat more of an action RPG rather than a turn-based party game. This means players will only control Clive, and they’ll be able to dodge and parry attacks if timed right. They’ll also have physical and magic attacks at their disposal to take down enemies. Other characters will join Clive in the fight, but they’ll act on their own. The exception to this is Torgal, Clive’s four-legged companion that can attack and heal via quick commands. 

Another big change in Final Fantasy 16 is the mature rating. The Entertainment Software Rating Board gave the game an M-rating due to its depictions of violence, partial nudity, blood and strong language, which is the first time a game in the franchise received this adult rating. 

The adult themes and medieval setting led to comparisons to HBO series Game of Thrones, which members of the development team confirmed they were fans of and noted some similarities


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