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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Makes Debut at Summer Game Fest


Summer Game Fest on Thursday showcased some of the big games coming out soon, and the big reveal of the online event was the first look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. 

A sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth takes place after the events of that game and continues the story of Cloud, Tifa, Aeris, Barret, Red XIII and Yuffie as they unravel the mystery surrounding the legendary villain, Sephiroth. 

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch in early 2024 for the PS5 and will come on two discs. 

Publisher Square Enix also used Thursday’s show to reveal a new Final Fantasy mobile game: Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. Coming to iPhones and Android phones, Ever Crisis is a chapter-structured RPG taking place during the events of Final Fantasy VII and will include storyline events added from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. 

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is available for preregistration on the App Store and Google Play. A closed beta test of the game for Android players will happen July 6-13. 


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